Invision announces new Trinnov training dates


Invision is pleased to announce the 2020 dates for the Trinnov training course to be held at its Innovation House premises in Bracknell, Berkshire. Trinnov Audio designs and manufactures industry-leading preamplifiers and processors which feature premium loudspeaker/room optimisation and immersive sound technologies for high-end cinemas.

The comprehensive two-day course will teach the theory of immersive audio, loudspeaker placement, acoustic measurement and graphs.

Day 1: Theory, Sales & Marketing and Immersive Audio

- Trinnov company history, technology and product range.

- History of immersive audio and current audio formats.

- Loudspeaker placement recommendations

- Getting started with Altitude32: speaker declaration, listening formats and source configuration.

Day 2: Loudspeaker / Room Optimisation

- Microphone placement

- Acoustic measurement

- Acoustic graphs

- Bass management

- Fine-tuning

Further information and online booking for the course can be found at:

Trinnov Training 2020

Participants will also have the opportunity to experience Invision’s renowned Home Reference Cinema.