Satel Slim Line

Invision UK is delighted to launch SATEL’s new range of motion detectors – SLIM LINE. Designed from the ground up to save installers both time and money, SLIM LINE incorporate a series of unique features. Featuring Grade 2/3 options, screwless covers, integrated resistors, interchangeable PCBs and remote sensitivity adjustment – their slim aesthetic allows them to blend in around the property.


Integrated resistors: EOL resistors for both alarm and tamper are already built-in to the detectors, reducing installation time and increasing stability of installs.

  • Easy install: the screwless cover, self-locking enclosure, plug-in terminal block, angled screw knock-outs, and optional mounting bracket simplify installation and reduce service time.
  • Interchangeable PCB: the mainboard can be removed easily saving installers time when connecting cabling and allowing the detector type to be changed at a later date.
  • Remote sensitivity adjustment: sensitivity of the PIR and microwave sensors can be adjusted remotely using a keyfob which reduces the installation time compared to traditional detectors which are adjusted using a screwdriver inside the enclosure.
  • LUNA: the LUNA models have a remotely controlled white LED light which can be used as a pathway light during the night or emergency lighting during a power cut, it can be controlled via the app, a keypad or automatically based on motion detection.
  • RGB LED indicator: the indicator LED can be set to one of seven colours or can be permanently disabled to suit the needs of the user.
  • Dual sensitivity levels: detector sensitivity can be configured using two different levels related to the arming state. If the system is disarmed the detector can have high sensitivity to switch on the lights but if the system is armed the detector can have medium sensitivity to protect against intruders – giving installers and users greater flexibility in their systems.

SLIM LINE detectors are available now from Invision UK and work seamlessly with both SATEL INTEGRA and PERFECTA panels, as well as other panels on the market.

For more information: or contact your Invision account manager for a demo.