Krix Celebrates 50 Years of Audio Innovation


Krix is proudly celebrating the brand’s 50th anniversary in 2024 as a renowned speaker manufacturer. Headquartered in Adelaide, Australia and internationally recognised as a premier brand of home entertainment, dedicated home cinema, and commercial cinema speakers, Krix has garnered a reputation for excellence across the globe. We are delighted that the Invision and Pulse Cinemas family is able to join in celebrating the wonderful world of Krix with a special event at Pulse Cinemas HQ on April 26th, get your free ticket here and see below for more details!

In 1974, following an engineering degree in Adelaide, Scott Krix founded ‘Krix Speaker Systems’ in his garage, crafting bespoke speakers for friends and family. By 1976, Scott opened ‘The Acoustic Foundry’, a Hi-Fi store where the concept of Design Your Own Systems (DYOS) emerged. Customers could audition separate speaker elements, tailoring their sound to personal preferences.

In 1978, the Home Grown series emerged from the most favoured DYOS systems, offering a diverse range of models in various sizes and price points.

In 1980, Scott pioneered the world's first infinite baffle wall to resolve audio issues in a local cinema, revolutionising commercial cinema installations. Integrating horn designs into speaker systems, Krix commercial cinema speakers quickly gained prominence, dominating the Australian cinema industry.

Throughout the decades, Krix has invested in loudspeaker innovation and constant directivity horn technology, earning multiple patents. Today, the company’s commercial cinema speakers adorn over 4500 installations across 40 countries.

Krix’s venture into the global market commenced in 1994 securing a consumer distributor following a meeting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Hong Kong became the first international territory, swiftly followed by Malaysia, and by 1996, the United States joined an ever-expanding network.

In 2010, the company created its first dedicated home cinema range and in 2018, Krix became the exclusive Trinnov Audio Commercial Cinema distributor for Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East and China. Since 2019, Krix has been making its way into the UK and Ireland and November 2020 witnessed the home cinema products become exclusively distributed by Invision UK. We recently reaffirmed our dedication to the custom install market in the UK and Ireland through our partnership with Pulse Cinemas and now Krix systems are available to experience at Pulse Cinemas HQ in Stansted and Innovation House, Bracknell, hosted by the Invision team. 


Key deliverables

Every team member is excited to showcase the abilities of this very special brand, particularly in its 50th year of success.

Steve Totterdell, Product Manager (High-end Audio) at Invision, explains, “A key advantage of the products is in their versatility and adaptability to various installation scenarios, ensuring optimal performance regardless of the setting. Beyond the exceptional sound quality and flexibility, Krix prioritises reliability and durability in engineering and design. Installers can rely on Krix speakers to deliver consistent performance over the years, a testament to a commitment to using high-quality materials and employing rigorous testing standards in the manufacturing process.”

Ian Mulry, Technology Specialist at Invision adds, “What distinguishes Krix is a unique blend of superior craftsmanship, unwavering performance commitment, and a legacy of five decades of speaker innovation. The brand’s in-house dedicated research and development team continue to heavily invest in loudspeaker innovation and pioneering technologies such as constant directivity horn technology, which has resulted in multiple patented designs over the years.”

Dave Williams, CEO and Founder of Global AV Sales, a strong Krix evangelist and one of the key personnel who has been spearheading the brand’s growth in the Northern Hemisphere, adds some detail on the line up, “Presently, Krix offers three distinct dedicated home cinema ranges: Series X (Xtreme), Series SX (Scaled-down Xtreme), and Series MX (Modular Xtreme), catering to rooms ranging from three to 23 metres in depth. Each speaker within these ranges is purposefully designed, with drivers and crossovers meticulously crafted to Krix specifications with incredibly tight tolerances.”

Ian adds, “The lineup of home entertainment speakers excels both in a home theatre setup and for other integrated audio solutions such as multi-room systems or set ups for two channel fans using the company’s in-wall or in-ceiling ranges. Krix can cater to diverse audio preferences and room configurations.”


Celebrating 50 years

A special Krix Open Day and BBQ is being held at Pulse Cinemas HQ in Stansted on April 26th. Visitors will be able to meet key player in the Krix world Dave Williams and experience the new Krix speaker set up in the Main Cinema demonstration area. Claim your free ticket right here.   

Steve also explains, “To celebrate this significant occasion, Krix has been involved in a number of commemorative events, industry gatherings and product showcases.”

In January, Krix exhibited at ISE 2024 alongside partners and leading audio and visual technology innovators Trinnov Audio, Barco Residential and Officina Acustica in Barcelona. An immersive 13.1.6 speaker layout was presented featuring an impressive array of 14 subwoofers, powered by Trinnov’s new Waveforming technology.

Dave reveals, “In honour of this milestone, Krix will also unveil a speaker series that embodies the pinnacle of the company’s engineering achievements and lifts home cinema to the next level. More information soon. In September, Adelaide, Australia, will be the centre stage for the top-performing worldwide dealers at an International Dealer Conference. Krix will showcase the latest products, connect with valued partners that define the industry, and celebrate this remarkable 50th anniversary, marking half a century of innovation and excellence in the industry.”


Impressive Reach and Continued Development

Steve underlines, “Krix offers a comprehensive lineup designed to deliver the ultimate home cinema experience. A commitment to innovative design and engineering, and an ongoing dedication to research and development enables Krix to continually evolve and refine the product offerings. This results in the development of an extensive array of speakers designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of customers.”

Ian adds, “Expect Krix to continue innovating and expand the product lineup across both residential and commercial markets. This will include the introduction of new speaker models and enhancements to existing product lines to meet evolving consumer preferences and industry standards.”

Steve underlines that opportunity is available, “The home cinema market has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by factors such as increasing demand for immersive entertainment experiences, advancements in audiovisual technology and the rise of streaming services.

“Challenges such as economic uncertainties have had an impact, but many are finding it more cost-effective to stay home and indulge in their home cinema setups rather than venturing out, enjoying the luxury of entertainment without the hefty expenses associated with outside activities.

Technological progress is also on the cards as Ian argues, “Home cinema offerings in the future could focus on enhancing immersion through technologies like object-based audio, virtual reality integration and improved sound formats. These innovations could create a more engaging environment for customers. Get in touch with us if you want to find out more.”


Krix Speakers: Product Timeline

  1. Home Grown series: Introduced in 1978, the Home Grown series marked Krix's foray into dedicated home audio solutions. These speakers, born from the popular Design Your Own Systems (DYOS) concept, offered versatility and high performance, laying the foundation for our reputation in the residential market.
  2. Commercial Cinema speakers: In the early 1980s, Krix revolutionised the commercial cinema industry with its innovative speaker designs. The incorporation of the world's first infinite baffle wall and custom horn technology led to a paradigm shift in cinema sound reproduction, establishing the brand as a leader in this sector.
  3. Constant directivity horn technology: Krix has continuously invested in loudspeaker innovation. The development of constant directivity horn technology, along with other patented designs, showcases a commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio performance and ensuring an unparalleled listening experience for all Krix customers.
  4. 4-way cinema speakers: Continuing the focus on innovation, Krix achieved a significant milestone in 2004 after three years of dedicated development. In a groundbreaking move, Krix became the global pioneer in introducing a comprehensive lineup of 4-way cinema speakers, solidifying a position at the forefront of audio technology.
  5. Series X (Xtreme): Launched as part of the company’s dedication to delivering uncompromising performance, Series X speakers represents the pinnacle of audio engineering. With exceptional sound quality and precision craftsmanship, Series X speakers have set new standards for immersive home entertainment experiences.
  6. Series MX (Modular Xtreme): The Series MX stands as a pivotal product line in recent company history, embodying a relentless pursuit of versatility and adaptability, offering a modular ‘baffle’, just like the revolutionary infinite baffle wall from the ‘80s.

Stay tuned for exiting new products and developments to come in the future!