Using the LUNA feature in SATEL SLIM LINE detectors

Designed to offer class-leading performance and to save installers both time and money, SATEL’s SLIM LINE motion detectors are easy to fit, use and upgrade.  

Featuring screwless covers, integrated resistors, interchangeable PCBs and remote sensitivity adjustment – their slim aesthetic allows them to blend in around the property. They also ensure reliable detection of intruders throughout the entire monitored area, without triggering unwanted alarms.

One key feature available in the LUNA models is the inbuilt white LEDs which create illumination and can be controlled remotely or activated when motion is detected.

Working seamlessly with both SATEL INTEGRA and PERFECTA panels, as well as other panels on the market, the SLIM LINE LUNA models can be applied to a variety of uses. Here are a few great examples:

1. CCTV lighting for better image quality
2. Automatic garage lighting
3. Lighting during a power cut 
4. Pathway lighting to the toilet at night

1. CCTV lighting for better image quality

Install LUNA detectors in areas which already have CCTV.  Not only will they trigger the alarm if an intruder breaks in, they will also brighten up the areas to potentially improve the image quality on the CCTV.  The CCTV stream can be viewed on an app or a touch screen keypad and can manually switch on the LUNA light remotely to see more clearly.

2. Automatic garage lighting

Install a LUNA detector in the garage and configure it so that when the garage key fob is pressed to open at night, it automatically illuminates so parking and wayfinding to the door is easier. Furthermore, the door can be linked up to the LUNA via a magnetic contact which automatically switches on the light when the door is opened.

3. Lighting during a power cut

Install a LUNA detector next to the fuse box.  When there is a power cut in a property, the PIR will detect movement and automatically light the area up so the homeowner can see which circuit has tripped and easily fix it.  Unlike normal lighting, the LUNA feature will work during a power cut as it’s powered by the battery back up in the alarm.

4. Pathway lighting to the toilet at night

Install LUNA detectors in hallways. Night arming the alarm when asleep means the ground floor is protected from intruders while the owners can move freely around the upper floors.  If they need to use the toilet at night, the detectors can detect their presence and light their pathway so they don’t stumble and wake up the rest of the family.

For more information on the SLIM LINE range, please email or call 01359 270280.