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With summer around the corner, this is the time homeowners start to think about revitalising their outdoor space.
And in 2017 stated that green-fingered Brits spend on average 5,675 hours in their garden pruning and maintaining it.
That’s the equivalent of more than three years of their working life.
For somewhere homeowners spend a large amount of time, demand has increased for sophisticated technology that fits the needs of the user while maximising the atmosphere of their outdoor space.
This includes better acoustics for entertaining and relaxing in this much-loved area.

Origin Acoustics Black Bollard Outside small

The Landscape Bollard from Origin Acoustics is a great example of high-quality, outdoor acoustic technology.
A single unit that houses both a subwoofer and a mid/high frequency satellite, the Bollard tackles the challenge of producing bass response from individual outdoor speakers in a very attractive aesthetic.
Origin Acoustics Silver Square BollardDesigned for long-lasting outdoor installation, it offers a high performance 360-degree acoustics lens spreading sound evenly across the space, and, through effective positioning, coverage can be maximised for the user.
There is also an option to choose models with a dispersion of 180-degrees to prevent sound spilling over into the neighbour’s garden or into areas where sound is not wanted.
Using a 70v transformer with 30W, 50W and an 8 ohm tap means the speaker is the perfect outdoor choice regardless of the size of the speaker or the quantity needed.
Using the DSP settings of the Origin DSP3-100 and DSP3-700 amplifiers ensures top quality performance across the system.
And, for the design savvy homeowner requiring a bit of luxury, the speaker offers a choice to fit in with their aesthetics.
Available in brushed aluminium, bronze or ash black finishes and in a round or square shell, the speaker can suit the garden’s design needs.
Not to mention, the small subwoofer base can be buried allowing for the larger enclosure to be hidden from sight leaving only the pillar visible.

Origin Acoustics Bollard Round Silver

Completely unique in concept and design, the Bollard is the ideal solution for amazing audio and aesthetics in any outdoor space and is available exclusively from Invision.

For more information, the Origin Acoustics brochure or for assistance with an outdoor system design, contact Peter Alloway on 07961 311422 / or request a call back.