Home Cinema: It’s Showtime!

As we invite you to book an appointment to visit our demo suite, we wanted to introduce you to Ian Mulry, our home cinema specialist. An expert on all things home cinema, he will show you around our Reference Home Cinema at Innovation House in Bracknell.

Here we asked him some questions to find out more about him.

INV: Hi Ian, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Ian: You’re welcome. Thanks for inviting me.

INV: So, we will jump right in, how long have you worked in the custom install (CI) industry?

Ian: I have been in the industry a little more than 15 years. Prior to the CI industry, I owned my own TV and aerial company. Before that, I had a wide variety of jobs including building swimming pools for a few years. That was a highlight. They have all provided invaluable experience.

INV: Since working in the industry, are there any projects that you are proud to have worked on?

Ian: I have worked on many projects that I am proud of. It’s hard to say just one.

For about five years, I worked with a dedicated team who undertook marine and residential projects around the globe. During this time, I was lucky enough to see inside and work on some of the most exclusive homes and super yachts in the world. One of the busiest times of my life, it was a lot of hard work but enjoyable and rewarding at the same time.

Being able to find the right solution for a customer’s needs or wants using innovative technology, is hugely satisfying.

INV: What do you like about working in the industry?

Ian: Since I joined the industry, it has been constantly evolving. This means that every day is a school day and I am still eager to learn new methods and technologies. I love that is always moving forwards at the sharp end of technology. 

INV: What do you think will be the future of home cinema?

Ian: Due to the recent events of 2020, I feel that home cinema will be an increasing avenue of business for the custom install industry. With film studios releasing more movies direct to the end user and streaming becoming more reliable, I believe more individuals will look to add a big screen experience to their home. There will also be those looking to convert an existing space like a spare bedroom or garage to become an entertaining space for their families on a smaller budget.

INV: Finally, how long have you worked with us here at Invision, and what does your role include?

Ian: I have worked at Invision for three years.

Every day is different. In the dynamic world of custom install, there’s always a new product launched to play with so keeping abreast of new developments through training is paramount to my role.

I also offer demonstrations for clients and end users at our facility in Bracknell. Here they can see and experience the truly immersive demo suite which I helped to build and specify using brands like  Trinnov Audio, Procella Audio, Screen Innovations, Sony Projector and Home Cinema Modules.

Assistance and support onsite is available should a demonstration or help with programming and calibration, including calibration assistance for Trinnov accredited installers, be required.

Furthermore, I am available to offer advice on home cinema and specification if a custom installer needs assistance with a particular project.

If you would like to visit of our demo suite, please register your request or email Ian on ian.mulry@invisionuk.com.  Or, if you are unable to visit our demo suite, take a virtual tour via our portal.

And don’t forget to follow Ian on Instagram for all things cinema!