Top Go Karting with customers at Sandown Park

Starting off our run of go karting events across the country, Invision and WyreStorm hit Daytona Sandown Park with 8 other teams from the custom install industry for some product education and a bit of competitive racing.

James Meredith from WyreStorm talked about AV over IP and NetworkHD, followed by Adrian Ickeringill talking about how working with Invision can benefit your business.

The Invision team were at a disadvantage from the out set, they had me on the team – first time ever in a kart – but I live to tell the tale! All out on the track there were spins, screeching tyres and lots of competitive driving, everyone was having a great time. After 30 minutes of driving we all went back to the pits awaiting to hear our positions. I knew I wouldn’t be high up the rankings, but I had fun!

The Top Three drivers were:

1. Ben Jarvis from ATI UK
2. Luke Finch from Equippd
3. Andrew Barrett from Challenge Control

Team rankings are as follows – based on individual finishing positions (Sorry Invision):

1. ATI UK and Challenge Control
2. WyreStorm
3. Equippd and Inspired Dwellings
4. Potters Home Digital
5. Perfect Integration and ASI
6. Invision
7. AV Homes

Congratulations to the top three drivers and to ATI UK and Challenge Control for coming joint first in the team rankings.

Thank you to everyone who attended and I hope you all had a great time. Keep an eye out as I will be updating the overall team rankings and best driver from all 4 events as they take place.

Laura Batten, Design and Marketing Manager (Kart #1)