New Temperature Measuring Camera Kit from LILIN

Covid-19 has had a massive impact on the world and everyone is learning how to stay safe while protecting their customers and loved ones.

LILIN’s new Temperature Measuring Camera kit is a standalone system aimed to deliver peace of mind for the user in a variety of settings.

Featuring a dual lens camera (P3T6522E2-F) and four channel NVR (NVR51T4E), the kit provides a 16x12 pixel temperature measurement, 1080P HD colour image and live video with temperature display.

Using face detection technology to avoid false detections from non-human objects, the camera supports IFTTT and will trigger an alarm upon registering a temperature over the user defined threshold.

The kit can be used for high-temperature checks of employees, visitors, shoppers, workers and more.


  • Instant and accurate face temperature monitoring simultaneously and in a continuous flow.
  • Face temperature measurement – face detection with heat detection to reduce false positives by only measuring face temperature.
  • One-Stop Solution - LILIN Temperature Measuring System include cameras, NVR, NAV, AI Mask Detection solution as a one-stop solution.

Download the P3T6522E2 Temperature Measuring Camera Datasheet 

Download the NVR51T4E 4 CH PoE NVR for Temperature
Measurement Datasheet 

LILIN’s new Temperature Measuring Kit is now available to preorder. For more information or to preorder the kit, please speak to your Invision account manager or contact us on or 01359 270280.