Now Shipping Satel's ABAX2 System

Invision is pleased to announce that Satel's new ABAX2 system is now in stock. Designed to offer wireless security combined with total peace of mind, the ABAX2 wireless system protects the entire premises - both the building in which it is installed and the area around it.

ABAX2 is ideally suited as a wireless solution for alarm systems based on Satel's INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels. When paired with these devices it offers comprehensive security coverage and it can also work together with any other alarm control panel or automation controller, plus, in certain set-ups, it can operate in stand-alone mode.

Due to the use of encrypted, two-way radio communication, the ABAX2 system offers the level of protection that until recently has been only available from more traditional wired security systems.

Advanced energy saving features ensure a long operation of battery-powered devices - up to eight years without battery replacement, depending on configuration.

The ABAX2 system range is extensive and includes indoor and outdoor motion detectors and sirens; glass-break, smoke, flood and temperature detectors; drivers for implementation of smart home functions, and remote-control key fobs. Wireless keypads are also available to control alarm systems based on INTEGRA, INTEGRA Plus and VERSA control panels.

Satel's new radio system ensures much more efficient data transmission, even in the most adverse conditions (strong signals from wireless systems or other devices). The encrypted data is sent using the AES standard and ABAX2 provides comprehensive diagnostics such as radio signal strength. And, as one would expect with a class-leading system, ABAX2 remotely updates all the firmware in its wireless devices without disturbing the system's operation.


  • 4-channel operation in 868 MHz frequency band
  • Functions in stand-alone mode or with any alarm control panel
  • Range: Up to 2km in open area
  • Certified compliance with Grade 2 EN 50131 requirements
  • Data encryption using the AES standard
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Low energy consumption - up to 8 years without battery replacement
  • Remote firmware update and configuration of wireless devices
  • Antennas designed individually for each device

INTEGRA Control App

Satel has also created the Integra Control App to work with the ABAX2 system. It creates instant push notifications of system events, allows arming/ disarming, provides security system event log reading, and offers quick access menus for performing sequences of actions. The INTEGRA control app is free to download and works with both Android and iOS systems.

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