What is Black Friday and What are our Top Black Friday 2019 TV Deals?

When is Black Friday 2019? 

This year Black Friday falls on Friday 29th November. Most retailers will wait until close to the day to release their sales but in recent years, teaser sales have begun to spring up.  

What is Black Friday? 

Black Friday started in the US and falls on the Friday following Thanksgiving. Since 2010, Black Friday has gained popularity in the UK and is now the biggest sale leading up to Christmas and one of the busiest days for retailers throughout the year. 

The name ‘Black Friday’ came from retailers hoping to move out of the “red” (loss) and into the “black” (profit). As the official start of the holiday season, it has traditionally been the best time for stores to boost their profits.  

What is Cyber Monday? 

Cyber Monday started in 2005 when the American National Retail Federation noticed that online sales increased on the Monday following Black Friday.  

Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday is traditionally an online-only event. In recent years, however, the lines have blurred with Black Friday gaining more traction online and in store sales stretching out for the week following Black Friday.  

When is Cyber Monday 2019? 

Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday is on Monday 2nd December this year. So, if you missed a bargain on Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the day to snap it up.  

How long will our Black Friday deals last? 

Our Black Friday TV deals will start on Friday 22nd and will continue until December 3rd. This, of course, is on the provision that stocks last that long. With savings of up to £2000+, contact your account manager today before you miss out.  

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Our Top Two Black Friday TV Deals 


LG OLED77W9PLA Black Friday 2019


Sam Baldry - Our Consumer TV Specialist

“Designed to blend in with the wall, the LG OLED77W9 has one of the thinnest screens available. Your customer can enjoy brilliant colours, clarity and motion, while you enjoy a special Black Friday price point.”  

- Sam Baldry (Consumer TV Brand Manager)

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Sony KD77A1BAEP Black Friday 2019


Matt Skilton - Our Consumer TV Specialist

“The Sony KD77A1BU not only has a sleek design and incredibly slim bezels, it’s got the performance to match. For this price, it’s not a Black Friday deal you can walk away from.” 

- Matt Skilton (Consumer TV Brand Manager)

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