Home is where the work is

Since Monday, a majority of the Invision team have been working from home while the nation navigates this unprecedented time.
Thanks to our experienced IT team, committed staff and loyal customers, we have settled into our new working environments and have been able to maintain our levels of service and support.
At Invision, we are fortunate to have the ability to work remotely and we wanted to share some tips on how to make it work for you.

Make a plan 

A true multitasker Invision's Mel Smith-Kerry

Invision's Mel working from home while homeschooling her children – a true multi-tasker!

Whether you are working on your own or have your family and their homeschooling to contend with, a plan will help you structure your day.
Form a list of what is required and tick them off as you go. This will boost productivity and will help you to feel that you have accomplished what was needed.
But do not fret if you deviate from the list - we all need to be flexible as the world adapts in the current climate. 

Communication is key

We all know that when we are in the office, communication between departments, colleagues and customers is important.
That certainly doesn’t change when you work from home.
Nowadays there’s a wide variety of new and old technology that can help. There’s the trusty phone call and email or you can even video conference with a group.
Here at Invision, we use Microsoft Teams which allows us to video call, voice call or message our team to discuss any issues we may have rather than flood our emails with queries.
A top tip is to make sure that you update your availability so that your contacts are aware when you are away from your desk. This means that they won’t try to get in touch with you when you are on your lunch.

Take regular breaks and ensure you stop for lunch

A much-needed boost for Peter while working at homePeter’s mug gives an added boost – both mentally and physically - while he works from home.

It’s hard not to fall into the trap of working without taking breaks.
In a study by Totaljobs in 2017, it was estimated that 67% of the 7,135 people surveyed justified skipping lunch saying they had too much to do or an unexpected task to handle.
However, this can be counterproductive.
Taking screen breaks and ensuring you utilise your lunch break helps to refresh the mind and refocuses your attention. Not to mention it helps to alleviate work-related stress by giving you essential time away. 

Prioritise your health and wellbeing

Your physical health can have a massive impact on how you feel and how productive you are.
Make sure to prioritise your health by keeping up with your fitness, staying hydrated, eating a healthy diet and trying to get as much good quality sleep as you can.
In the office, we all make a concerted effort to move frequently and this is still the case while at home.
Try to get up from your seat regularly, go for a walk (dog optional) or run. You’ll be surprised at how good it makes you feel.
You can also invest in a stand-up desk to decrease the amount you sit.

Positive thinking

Kerry's dog, Bella, doesn't seem that bothered that she's working from home...

Kerry's dog, Bella, doesn't seem that bothered that she's working from home...

This one can have a massive impact on your ability to work from home.
By looking at the positives and seeing this as an
opportunity rather than a challenge will place you in better stead for adjusting to the situation.
There are a lot of benefits around working from home and they are different for all. For example, you may like the idea that you can have a lie-in or you can wear jogging bottoms. Others may like the idea that on their lunch break they can potter around in their garden or spend the day in the company of their dog.
Whatever they are, embrace them.