Home Cinema Installations That Will Blow You Away

Since the launch of our Home Cinema at Innovation House in Bracknell, we’ve continued to build the portfolio that never fails to impress. With the latest technology and experts on hand, we know how to bring cinema home.

Home Cinema Installations from A to Z

Various streaming platforms have been providing unlimited entertainment to our living rooms through our big screens. However, big screen TVs and sofas are being replaced by projector screens and cinema chairs as home theatre set ups are becoming more appealing.

Due to the recent events of 2020, I feel that home cinema will be an increasing avenue of business for the custom install industry. With film studios releasing more movies direct to the end-user and streaming becoming more reliable, I believe more individuals will look to add a big screen experience to their home. There will also be those looking to convert an existing space like a spare bedroom or garage to become an entertaining space for their families on a smaller budget. – Ian Mulry, Home Cinema Specialist at Invision.

Invision provides not only the technology but additional services like help with design, specification, and calibration as well as training and technical support. We offer a full solution, from speakers and projectors to screens and cinema chairs, to help create a smooth home cinema installation.

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At Invision Home Cinema, we showcase technologies that never disappoint:

Home Cinema Modules

A good movie night can be ruined if you feel uncomfortable. That’s why cinema seats are as important as the brilliant video quality and immersive sound. A seven-seat configuration is provided by market-leading cinema seat brand, Home Cinema Modules. Showcasing the Atlas and Sirius models, the audience can sit back and enjoy the ultimate immersive audio experience in luxurious yet super comfortable seats.


Made and manufactured in Australia since the 70s, Krix has become the leading home and commercial cinema speaker brand for people who want to experience sound rather than simply listening to it.

Available exclusively through Invision, Krix is world renowned for high-quality, high-performance speaker systems that bring the cinema experience closer with true cinema sound.

“When your hair stands up on end, when you feel the sound, you know it’s working, you know it’s Krix”, - Scott Krix 

Screen Innovations

The custom-built 175” Zero Edge Pro screen from Screen Innovations uses Maestro acoustically transparent material meaning the sound can travel through the screen to the viewer without compromising on visual details or sound quality. Made from an exceptionally fine woven material producing a uniform 1.1 gain white viewing surface, Maestro is the best screen for customers looking for the finest audio reproduction in their dedicated dark room cinema.


An ideal choice to fit in any cinema room, the Sony VPL-VW790ES brings movies to life with true cinematic detail, colour, and contrast. This compact home projector combines an advanced laser light source with the same Sony 4K SXRD panel technology that is found in their professional cinema projectors. With 2,000 lumens of brightness and X1™ technology, high-quality, vibrant, and realistic images can be achieved.


The Trinnov Altitude 32 is the first surround sound processor for the domestic market to support up to 32 uniquely rendered DTS:X Pro audio channels. This award-winning platform was created to ensure undisputed leadership in 3D sound with high channel count, huge processing capabilities, and exclusive, patented technologies to unleash the full potential of immersive sound, regardless of formats and speaker layouts.

Make sure to check out our Home Cinema Guide.

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Overcoming challenges of difficult spaces and acoustics

At Invision, expertise follows the technology. Apart from providing all the necessary equipment and technology to build your dream home cinema space, we offer expert knowledge and years of experience.

Not every space is easy to work with but with the right products, amazing results can be achieved.  

This was exactly the case with the installation of home cinema for a smart home in London.

Due to the outdoor courtyard and the view of the pool, both side walls in the cinema room are glass, making it acoustically challenging. In addition to this, when the house was bought, the room already had a Samsung TV embedded into the front wall which led to restrictions with the cinema transformation.

Challenges within the space and acoustics required a Trinnov system and Krix speakers that completely exceeded expectations. Even the professional integrator like Chris Cook, director of AV Customs, noted: “It sounds like it shouldn’t.”

Read the full case study in HiddenWires now.

Booking a demo

The Invision Home Cinema in Bracknell is a state-of-the-art audio cinema installation equipped with the very latest in sound and vision innovation, creating a truly immersive experience. Indeed, this extraordinary cinema is probably the finest trade demonstration facility in the country.

Exhibiting the best in home cinema, our demo suite comprises award-winning products that work cohesively together putting you and your clients at the centre of the action while satisfying their desires for great entertainment.

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