Aesthetic Acoustic Engineering

 The Vicoustic family of acoustic treatments offer a huge range of audio taming abilities for a wide range of spaces, all combined with appealing aesthetics delivering a double wow for installers, customers, and interior designers.

With the Vicoustic range it is possible to deliver true form-meets-function results, with a harmonious blend that not only enhances the auditory experience but elevates the aesthetic appeal of any space. In the past, introducing acoustic treatment to your project could be a challenge, as the form was often unattractive and if allowed in the project at all, the treatments had to be hidden to be accepted. Today, the reverse is true, Vicoustic treatments can be applied to any space and provide an opportunity for installers and the design community to introduce attractive design elements, patterns, colours, motifs that match the aesthetic vision for the property. If diffusion for an AV space is required, an attractive range of more sculptural treatments can be deployed which make a design statement in their own right.

For examples of how both these approaches can be used to great effect, check out the Pulse Cinemas Main Cinema demonstration space.

With an innovative dyeing technology, Vicoustic panels can simulate many different types of materials such as concrete, marble and wood, achieving a realistic aesthetic for any design brief. 

Whilst known best for offering opportunities to help control sound in a home cinema space, Vicoustic’s experience across a huge range of sectors mean other areas of a domestic property and commercial spaces can benefit too. In fact, any space that needs a calm, well controlled audio performance; home office, dining room, study, all these spaces can benefit from better acoustics creating more human centric spaces. In the commercial world, boardrooms, offices, bars, and restaurants, in fact ANY spaces where people want to interact effectively, or experience good quality audio, are ripe for exploring what acoustic treatments can deliver. Vicoustic’s green credentials are also appealing to many customers as the Flat Panel VMT used by the company is made from VicPET Wool, a material created mainly from recycled plastic bottles.


Creating the right space


The efficacy of acoustic treatment hinges on the ease of integration into the space, which underscores the importance of solutions like the VicSpacer concept. VicSpacer was created to enhance the installation process and effectiveness of Vicoustic’s Flat Panel VMT products. More than just a fixing system, VicSpacer is also an upgrade to Flat Panel VMT effectiveness improving acoustics as well as delivering the framework on which the panels are fixed. VicSpacer works by spacing the VMT panel 40mm away from walls and ceilings, enhancing the acoustic performance particularly in medium and low-frequency regions. VicSpacer works by making the Flat Panel VMT compatible with the existing VicFix fixation system, either via VicFix Mini or the J Profile System used on other Vicoustic products. VicSpacer can also be installed on the ceiling (using VicFix J Profile 2m), and it is also possible to use it as a bass trap, by placing the panel in the corners (using VicFix Corner and VicFix 80mm).

Made from wood and lacquered steel, VicSpacer is designed to cover the white sides of Flat Panel VMT in an attractive way, available in white, black, and grey matte. The VicSpacer Plus option includes eight extra PET acoustic panels, to further improve the performance of the Flat Panel VMT. By using one additional layer of PET to increase absorption, this addition helps to deal with the most demanding of acoustic challenges. VicSpacer and VicSpacer Plus need to be combined with Flat Panel VMT of 20mm thickness and both are compatible with all sizes of panels from 595x595 to 1190x595, including the XXL 2380x1190.

Another useful addition to the range in recent times has been the launch of VicStrip Square—a smaller, more flexible iteration of the popular slat panels—further expanding design possibilities. Made from laminated PET, VicStrip Square delivers a lightweight, easy-to-install solution without compromising on acoustic performance.

Other installer-focused advantages include the opportunity for installers to join Vicoustic's 'Where to Buy' locator hosted on the brand’s website. By joining, dealers gain access to a powerful lead-generating platform. To qualify, dealers must demonstrate their support for the brand and maintain stock of VicCinema VMT Kits.

The whole Vicoustic range is available to dealers from Pulse Cinemas and Invision, so to find out more on how to enhance your aesthetic and acoustic performance, and add to the bottom line of each project, get in touch!