Special Sony Show & Tell Event

Following Invision's recent appointment as a distributor for Sony Home Cinema projectors, it is pleased to announce a speacial Show & Tell event at Sony's Basingstoke HQ, on Thursday 14th November.

During 2019, Invision has run a series of Show & Tell events across the UK. Each event has showcased Invision's brands and given their guests the opportunity to get hands-on with an exciting selection of products.

The special Show & Tell Sony event will feature Invision's range of Sony projectors together with their selection of Sony professional displays. Invision is truly proud of this new partnership and is looking forward to demonstrating these industry-leading products to their visitors.

From full HD 3D to 4K, the Sony range of Home Cinema projectors delivers the most breathtaking, fully immersive and entertaining movie, sport and gaming experiences. Sony has a projector for every room: from large home cinemas to smaller living spaces, each projector offers easily installation, sleek styling and low running costs.

At the event, there will be a choice of either a morning or afternoon session to attend. Each three-hour session will feature:

  • Introduction to Sony followed by the Lens to Living Room story
  • Overview of Sony's home cinema / BRAVIA range and demonstration
  • Digital cinema demo

The products at Show & Tell Sony will include:

  • A full line-up of home cinema projectors: HW45, HW65, VW270, VW570, VW760, VW870, VW5000, VZ1000 and UBP-X1100
  • Three BRAVIA Displays: 85" and 55" BZ and a 65" OLED
  • 4K digital cinema projectors in the Sony Cinema screening room

A carefully curated selection of shorts, trailers and clips are sure to wow Invision's guests.

Show & Tell Sony Details

Date: Thursday 14th November

Venue: Sony Europe, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Refreshments will be provided

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