New Procella Audio reference guide available

We are pleased to announce our comprehensive new Procella Audio reference guide. This new guide details Procella’s history as well as features in-depth explanations of each product available. The full array of information, coupled with rich images, clearly displays the brand identity of one of the industry’s most innovative players.

Procella Audio continues to grow its global footprint and has recently completed private cinema projects for several high-profile names in the movie industry. Its loudspeakers are a core part of Invision’s Reference Cinema where 26 Procella speakers are used in an 11.4.8 configuration - with Procella amplification additionally used to power the LCR speakers and subs. They have also been selected and installed in CEDIA’s reference theatre in Indianapolis.

Recent product additions include the Above Screen loudspeakers, the ideal partner for Samsung’s extraordinary Wall, resolving the acoustical challenges inherent in using display devices that do not allow speaker placement behind a screen. And, the diminutive P1 loudspeaker, which delivers the full dynamic range experience for surround and height channels in smaller rooms.

The new reference guide is designed to help our customers specify the ideal Procella product for any installation and is set to be a truly invaluable resource.

View the Procella Audio guide.

For more information on the guide or Procella Audio, please contact Steve Totterdell on 01359 270280 or