Luxul Self Healing Switches

Luxul Self Healing Switches - November 2018

Luxul have released a self-healing firmware update for their Managed Switches. This is a new feature available for selected Luxul switches, and upgrading could mean fewer services calls for you and greater convenience for your customers. Available with firmware version 4.1.1 or greater, Self-Healing upgrades your switches with two new features: Auto-Recovery and Power Scheduling.

Use Auto-Recovery to ensure PoE devices like IP cameras, access points, control panels and AV over IP systems are online and can communicate with the switch. The switch will reboot connected PoE devices when they fall offline or go unresponsive. 

Create a schedule to turn off WiFi at bedtime or back on again as you get up in the morning, or schedule PoE devices on/off in conference rooms, restaurants or huddles spaces with Power Scheduling. Schedule the device according to your client's preference.

This firmware is available for the following switches with more coming soon:

  • AMS-1208P
  • AMS-2624P
  • XMS-2624P
  • XMS-5248P

Luxul switches also offer ports on the back for clean integration with AV rack systems, together with being AV over IP optimized to work in HD over IP applications with brands such as NetworkHD and Just Add Power.