Invision announces distribution agreement with ELAC

Invision is excited to announce that it has been appointed as UK distributor for ELAC. Its customers are sure to be delighted with ELAC’s globally renowned range of innovative audio products which includes loudspeakers, turntables, amplifiers and music streamers.

The new Carina series of loudspeakers made its European debut at this year’s Munich High End show to great acclaim. Demonstrating exceptional audio quality and finesse, their striking and elegantly curved design features an aluminum base with a down-firing port which gives the loudspeakers a unique appearance. Flawless audio reproduction is delivered by ELAC’s legendary JET folded tweeter and the drive unit’s bespoke aluminum membrane. The series consists of three stunning loudspeakers: Carina FS 247.4 (floorstanding), Carina BS 243.4 (bookshelf) and Carina CC 241.4 (centre).

In addition to ELAC’s more traditional speakers, Invision can now offer its customers the Navis ARB-51 active loudspeaker. These beautifully crafted wireless speakers were the recipients of an EISA 2019 best product award.

Another product at the forefront of audio development is ELAC’s innovative Discovery Music Server. Roon ready, it allows seamless whole home streaming of digital audio content: streaming services, downloads, ripped CDs - all between users and across devices. And, Roon supports any digital music collection with a rich library of images and information—an archive of material that adds depth, knowledge and excitement to the listening experience.

ELAC also has a range of three exceptional turntables. The new Miracord 60 is a belt-driven turntable which takes its technology blueprint from the award-winning Miracord 90 and offers the same technical design features and choice of high-quality materials at an attractive price point. The high gloss painted plinth is flanked by aluminium elements, with a tonearm featuring a carbon tube and a new aluminum platter serving as the foundation for high-fidelity music reproduction.

Lastly, ELAC’s range of multi-room amplifiers, including the small but powerful 3.1 IS AMP 340, which debuted at ISE this year, show ELAC’s ability to create products to excite dealers, and music lovers alike.

ELAC Electroacoustic GMBH, managing director Lars Baumann commented,

"Elac is looking forward to this exciting opportunity to take our business to the next level with Invision. Our Partnership will enable us to develop and grow our current business and solidify our position in the UK and Ireland."

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About ELAC

ELAC is passionate about driving innovation and refining its existing products. Throughout the 90 years of our company history, we have crafted products of unmistakable quality and sound that stand out from the crowd. Our latest innovations complete the ELAC experience, enabling our discerning customers to experience the passion in our products in the form of music and film.

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