Distributor launches custom install pledge on Valentine’s Day

We are pleased to launch our commitment campaign to the industry on Valentine's Day.

Committed to Custom is our promise to drive positive change within the custom install market looking at improving training and education, offering innovative, class-leading products, and providing high-quality support for integrators.

Key areas of the pledge include a minimum three-year warranty as standard on the Committed to Custom product line with the products only being sold to qualified custom installers providing assurance that integrators are competing with like-minded businesses. Furthermore, integrators can be involved in a supported demo programme which enables them to show the latest products to their customers within their own space.

Mark Taylor, commercial director at Invision, added: “At Invision, we pride ourselves on being a value-added distributor and are always looking at ways to help our customers in this dynamic market. For 20 years, we have worked with our partners to provide the resources that CIs need to give them a competitive edge and our Committed to Custom campaign is the next step.

“Furthermore, as part of this commitment, we want to use it as a benchmark to review our own processes to ensure that we are exceeding our customers’ expectations. Following feedback and our experience of the market, we feel that this campaign is the right move to further support our customers and we will continue to work closely with our partners to provide what our customers need.”  

Brands involved in the Committed to Custom campaign include Krix, LILIN, Origin Acoustics, Pulse-Eight, RTI, Trinnov Audio, and more.

Tom Garrett, international sales manager at Trinnov Audio, added: “We are thrilled to support Invision’s Committed to Custom campaign. As a brand, we’re dedicated to providing innovative products using pioneering technologies and world-class support to custom installers, and we feel that this campaign resonates with that.”  

For more information, please visit www.committedtocustom.com or contact Invision on sales@invisionuk.com | 01359 270280.

This year, Invision is celebrating its 20th anniversary.