Why Origin Acoustics?

A blend of incredible sound quality and artistic design is what sets Origin Acoustics’ loudspeakers apart. Having created the first, modern, in-wall speaker in 1976, the team at Origin has spent decades perfecting the concept.

From the meticulous obsession with perfection to the love of great sound, Origin has led the industry with innovation and experience since the beginning.

With an extensive range of products available compared to others on the market, they will have the solution you need.

Here are eight more reasons why you should choose Origin Acoustics in your next project:

1. Zippy installation
2. Single speaker cut out size 
3. Reassurance for the customer
4. Maritime weatherproof speakers
5. Award-winning products and bullet brand
6. Promotional help
7. Great audio outside
8. Assistance when you need it

  1. Zippy installation

Thanks to Origin Acoustics’ ZipClip, installation can be as little as 12 seconds. Each ZipClip has eight spikes that act as suspension and a total of 32 spikes are used to eliminate resonance transfer through the ceiling.

Origin Acoustics' ZipClip

  1. Single speaker cut out size

Fourteen models of the in-ceiling speakers use the same 222mm cut out size, making them easily interchangeable.

Same speaker cut out size

  1. Reassurance for the customer

All speakers come with a lifetime warranty and hassle-free returns.

Lifetime warranty

  1. Maritime weatherproof speakers

Origin Acoustics’ Explorer Collection offers a hi-fi quality speaker for marine environments. Disappearing into their surroundings, the speakers maintain a maritime weatherproof seal on the bulkheads and ceilings. Coupled with Origin Acoustics’ DSP amplifiers and expert installation, the Explorer Collection delivers a first-class audio adventure.

Marine speakers

  1. Award-winning products and bullet brand

Within three years of starting the business, Origin Acoustics claimed second place in the architectural speakers category in CE Pro.

Award-winning trophy

  1. Promotional help

Co-branded marketing literature that incorporates your logo and contact details.

Marketing literature - Outdoor Audio

  1. Great audio outside

Origin Acoustics’ outdoor collection provides sensational sound for the garden or outdoor space irrespective of shape or size. They offer an outdoor design service for you and your client, providing detailed information and instructions to help you create the perfect outdoor audio system.

Origin Acoustics' outdoor audio - Bollard

  1. Assistance when you need it

Advice and technical support to help you specify the right product for your project.

Tech support and advice

Check out Origin Acoustics via our landing page or for more information on any of their products, contact your Invision account manager today. sales@invisionuk.com | 01359 270280