Samsung’s 110” micro-LED wows at Committed to Cinema event

In mid-June, with the blazing sun high in the summer sky, a group of industry experts, custom installers and manufacturers gathered at Innovation House with one shared interest in mind - cinema.

Invision UK’s Committed to Cinema event, headlined by Samsung, presented the very best in home cinema technology to attendees, bringing the future to life at the 50,000sqft state-of-the-art experience centre in Bracknell.

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Stands from Trinnov, Screen Innovations, Home Cinema Modules, Sony, Audio Control, Middle Atlantic, SurgeX, and NETGEAR showed the incredible work being done in the industry, while a group of industry experts including Scott Krix, Tom Garrett, Ben Goff, and Ric Litofsky held a fascinating panel session discussing what the future may hold for home cinema.

There were, it’s safe to say, many extraordinary sights to see at the event. But among the most enrapturing was headline sponsor Samsung’s 110” micro-LED display, featured in Innovation House’s new ‘Luxury Livingroom’. Showcasing extraordinary brightness and epic colour depth, paired with arena sound and micro-contrast, Samsung’s 110” offering astonished the gathered cinema enthusiasts.

The display was truly extraordinary and jam-packed with micro-tech and diverse features. Micro HDR, micro colour, micro-AI processing, multi-view capabilities, and art mode all contribute to Samsung’s 110” micro-LED display being not just visually and audibly impressive, but endlessly versatile too.

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If such things can already be achieved, imagine the kind of home cinema experiences we might be enjoying in 5, 10, or even 15 years!

Holding true to their ‘Light up your life’ ethos, Samsung has long been pushing the boundaries of what can be done with super-large screens in the home, and they don’t show any signs of stopping their innovative streak. For customers without the space for a fully-fledged home cinema, Samsung and the other brands at the Committed to Cinema event are on hand to give homeowners cutting-edge options that will make their living rooms the next best thing.

In fact, Samsung also brought along their QN800 series, announcing that a range of 98” models would soon be available to those wanting to bring truly immersive cinema into their homes, without having to knock through any walls or build a whole new room.

The event ran for two days across the 13th and 14th June, allowing attendees plenty of time to get up close and personal with the brands and their industry-leading products. After all, the only way to really understand the innovations in audiovisual technology is to see and hear them for yourself.

Having feasted their eyes and ears on all the technological displays, and probably built a dream cinema room or two in their heads, there was still one very important thing for visitors on the Committed to Cinema agenda – Mario Kart.

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Equipped with free Committed to Custom backpacks and fueled by delectable street food burgers, supplied by Chef Mark Evans, attendees were given the chance to compete in the Invision Cup Mario Kart Championships.

Now, there are few things more effective at instilling competitiveness in people than the excitement of sports. Whether or not you consider Mario Kart to be a sport as such, it’s hard to argue with its almost unparalleled ability to draw a measure of competitive spirit out of almost anybody.

And when the game is rendered in stunning high-definition and surround sound, in a room full of some of the best home cinema devices in the world, that’s when the fun gets serious.

The heated competition showed how many of the incredible devices and technologies on display at the Committed to Cinema event could also be used in other areas of entertainment. Gaming, for example, is a key market for many of the brands who also make home cinema solutions.

Samsung’s Distribution Channel Manager, Dean King, told us that they were taking gaming innovations ‘to the next level’ alongside their consistent advancement of display and sound technology. If films are better on high-definition TVs with buckets of micro tech hiding behind a gloriously bright and colourful screen, then video games will be better too, right?

Committed to Cinema was a roaring success, not just because of Samsung’s awesome headlining products, or the amazing home cinema technologies, but because of all the amazing technology, full stop. When brands like Samsung and the other exhibitors at the event work hard to push the boundaries of what is possible in entertainment, the innovations they achieve will always disseminate to take the wider AV industry by storm.

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At Committed to Cinema, our guests were just among the lucky few who got to see it all in action.

Missed out on attending the event but want to experience Samsung’s 110” micro-LED display or our cinema in person?

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