Best TVs 2019: Check out the What Hi-Fi? TV Award Winners for this Year

Choosing the best TV 2019 has to offer is not a small task. Especially if you’re working out which one is best for individual homes, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. So many considerations come into play as to which TV is going to be best for your customer. Factors such as budget, desired screen size, capabilities and desired display quality are incredibly important to a consumer.  

However, we know it can be quite overwhelming to weigh up which TVs are really value for money and which ones just look good on paper. So, we have compiled a list of What Hi-Fi? TV Award Winners that are sure to impress for every budget.  

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Best 49-50in TV Under £800 RRP:

Samsung UE49RU8000

Samsung UE49RU8000 What Hifi? Award Winner 2019

... the RU8000 is a punchy, enticing performer...”  

-What Hi-Fi? (Read full review) 

The Samsung RU8000 is excellent value for those on a budget. Although it isn’t as bright as more premium models, the RU8000 still boasts sharp detail and well-balanced colours 

The RU8000’s operating system makes this model an incredibly easy-to-use TV with fluid operability, intuitive organisation and a comprehensive library of streaming apps. You can easily access your streaming subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies, Spotify, Apple TV and more.  

As well as an easy-to-use operating system, the Samsung RU8000 produces a brilliantly detailed image that gives a viewer a sense of depth and balance of colour.  

However, What Hi-Fi? have noticed is that the Samsung RU8000 doesn’t compare to its more premium counterparts contrast quality. While this screen can go reasonably dark and reasonably bright, it can’t manage to do both at the same time. Due to this limited contrast band, you would simply need to prioritise black depth or brightness.  

Having said this, the Samsung RU8000 exceeds expectations for the price point that it sits in.  

Sam Baldry - Our Consumer TV Specialist“Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for mediocre. This TV delivers balance and sharpness that we’re certainly impressed by for this price-point.” 

- Sam Baldry (Our Consumer TV Brand Manager) 

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Best 49-50in TV Over £800 RRP:

Sony KD-49XG9005 

SONY KD 49XG9005 What Hifi? Award Winner 2019

Sony’s effort has been rewarded – this might just be the best 49in TV you can currently buy.”  

-What Hi-Fi? (Read full review) 


Although small, the Sony KD-49XG9005 certainly is mighty. It has crisp image quality, brilliant colours and great sound. Not only this but it sports a slim design with black bezels that practically disappear once the lights are switched off.  

Although running Android 8.0, which is nowhere near as smooth as LG’s & Samsung’s bespoke operating systems, the XG9005 ensures you still have access to all catch-up TV as well as the standard streaming apps. 

Practically invisible, the XG9005’s built-in speakers deliver more dynamic and full-bodied sound quality than you’d expect of a TV this size.  

What stands out about the XG9005 is the instant crispness in picture quality. The light-to-dark contrast is pronounced with sharp edges and pure whites. Compared to rival TVs, the XG9005 delivers solidity and three-dimensionality as well as unmatched richness and natural colour 


Matt Skilton - Our Consumer TV Specialist“We were surprised by the XG9005’s image quality. The contrast and crispness that we witness really made this TV stand out from the rest.”  

- Matt Skilton (Our Consumer TV Brand Manager) 


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Best 55-58in TV Under £1000 RRP:

Panasonic TX-58GX800B 

Panasonic TX 58GX800B What Hifi? Award Winner 2019

A big, budget TV with excellent features and an impressive, natural picture performance.”  

-What Hi-Fi? (Read full review) 


Panasonic has jam-packed the GX800B with features such as Dolby Vision and HDR10+, making this set excellent value for money. Where this display lacks in sound quality, it makes up for it with a detailed, subtle and natural display.  

Slim and sleek, the GX800B’s bezels disappear in a dimly lit room. With its simple, compact and slightly glossy design, this set is sure to suit any living room.  

Although this TV offers Amazon Prime Video, Netflix & the main catchup TV apps, it does lack pay-as-you-go integration. Still straightforward and easy to use, this TV’s operating system doesn’t quite have the smoothness as competitor sets 

With Dolby Vision, a viewer experiences a more nuanced image and balanced colour tones. What particularly stands out is the natural and realistic skin colours. The motion on this TV is also quite good once the Intelligent Frame Creation has been switched off. This makes the GX800B a good choice as a gaming display. Although there is no VRR support, it does boast a low input lag.  

With the built-in sound system, the GX800B delivers a clear and detailed sound but What Hi-Fi? note that it doesn’t project this sound particularly well.  

Despite this, the Panasonic TX-58GX800B is exceptionally good value for a big TV. The few flaws it does have are still better than rival TVs of the same size and cost.  


Matt Skilton - Our Consumer TV Specialist“What really stood out for us was the low input lag combined with great display quality making it an excellent choice for gamers who want an immersive experience.” 

- Matt Skilton (Our Consumer TV Brand Manager) 

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Best 55-58in TV Over £1000 RRP:


LG OLED55C9PLA What HiFi? 2019 Award Winner Best TV  2019

Colours are insanely good, contrast levels are cracking, it’s super sharp and detailed. We’d have it at home in a heartbeat.”  

-What Hi-Fi? (Read full review) 


With a bezel that’s only a few millimetres thick, the C9PLA is a sleek TV that is sure to catch the eye. With rich colours and incredible blacks, this TV is well deserving of its title as the product of the year.  

As well as having all of the main streaming and catch-up TV apps, the C9PLA also has an Alexa app that allows a viewer to use the TV with their voice with no additional Echo device required.  

This OLED TV features deep blacks, however, some of the finer details in the shadows seem to be swallowed up. Where this set really shines is in the colour range and vibrancy. Not only do the colours pop with their richness but the detail in the image stuns as well.  

The C9PLA’s built-in speakers offer a great spread of sound. Although it doesn’t deliver the same quality of sound as a surround sound system, this TV still delivers sounds that delight the ears.  

The C9PLA is a fantastic TV with superb picture quality. For great detail, brilliant colours and first-rate contrast, you can’t go past the C9PLA.  


Sam Baldry - Our Consumer TV Specialist“With Alexa built-in, this is the perfect TV for a lazy Sunday. Better yet, the C9PLA really stands out for its detail, contrast and colour quality.” 

- Sam Baldry (Our Consumer TV Brand Manager) 


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Best 65in TV Under £2000 RRP:

Samsung QE65Q70R 

Samsung QE65Q70R What Hifi? 2019 Award Winner

In overall performance terms, the Q70R is very much a Q90R lite – in the best possible way.”

-What Hi-Fi? (
Read full review) 


Sporting sharp lines, pointed corners and thin bezels, the Q70R follows Samsung’s familiar design styleThis TV, however, has a darker finish and dainty legs that are unique to the model.  

As this is a QLED TV, it is slightly thicker than QLED displays. However, at 6.2cm thick, the Q70R is well worth the extra depth. Its display gives a deep, yet detailed black and skin tones that are nuanced and fairly natural. Edges are incredibly sharp without looking artificial and the detail is exquisite.  

The Q70R’s speaker quality is fantastic for internal speakers, projecting through a room with plenty of clarity.  

With one of the best operating systems on the market, the Q70R offers Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV as well as pay-as-you-go movies and TV. The apps are laid out in a user-friendly way that quick and easy.  

Overall, the Q70R is a fantastic TV that delivers a memorable experience.  


Matt Skilton - Our Consumer TV Specialist“Even though the QLED technology makes for a slightly thicker set, the image quality it delivers is outstanding. Certainly worth the extra depth.”  

- Matt Skilton (Our Consumer TV Brand Manager) 

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Best 65in TV Over £2000 RRP:


LG OLED65C9PLA What Hifi? Award Winner 2019

LG has squeezed yet more performance from its OLED panel – the C9 is natural, dynamic and rich, and it sounds good, too”  

-What Hi-Fi? (Read full review) 


This year, LG has introduced new AI tech to their C9 TV which helps deliver picture & sound performance that is optimised for the content being played and the room in which the TV sits. It also greatly improves the user experience of this set. It’s also a rather lovely looking TV with the thickest point of this 65in display measuring just 4.7cm.  

Not only does LG’s AI technology optimise the viewing experience, it also offers intelligent voice interaction and content recommendations based on what has been previously watched and at what time.  

In terms of picture quality, the C9 achieves a brilliant brightness for an OLED display as well as deep blacks. As you would expect with an LG OLED, the C9 delivers subtle and natural shades to skin tones and an organic richness to colour tones.  

With a similar input lag as the GX800B, the C9 is an excellent choice for gamers. However, unlike the GX800B, the C9 also offers VRR (which reduces screen tearing) and Automatic Low Latency Mode.  

The C9 features speakers that are invisible when the TV is viewed from the front. With Dolby Atmos, these speakers also provide an atmospheric sound that is impressive for built-in sound. They add a sense of depth and dynamism to the viewing experience.  

Defying expectations, the C9 has managed to achieve even more performance than we’ve seen previously from OLED displays.  


Sam Baldry - Our Consumer TV Specialist“Premium in every way; sound, image, build. For a technology that was meant to have peaked in 2017, LG has managed to continue to improve and impress with this set.”  

- Sam Baldry (Our Consumer TV Brand Manager) 

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