Origin Acoustics


Each product, every process, at Origin Acoustics has its roots in a Riverside, California hi-fi shop. From the meticulous obsession with perfection to the love of great sound, we've led the industry with innovation and experience since the beginning.

In 1976 Origin Acoustics Engineers Ken Humphries and Ed Haase began experimenting. Their goal, to turn the existing structure of your home into a resonance chamber in order to hide unsightly speakers. After extensive research, the architectural speaker was born. Ken, Ed, and their team went on to innovate and design OEM speakers for Bang and Olufsen, JBL, Polk Audio, as well as many other smaller companies.


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Director Collection

The advancements of the Director Collection are unique to Origin Acoustics, and can only be found in their products. The speakers install into smaller cut-outs. They've chosen to use premium materials like Kevlar or Glassfiber, to ensure long lasting clear audio. The unique tool-less installation system makes upgrading to whole home audio quick and easy. And their speakers have the most flexibility in aiming, ensuring you will always hear the audio as it was intended.


Producer Collection

Carefully crafted with an impressive price to performance ratio, the Producer Collection is our entry-level offering that is anything but entry-level in sound quality. With five in-ceiling models, there are a variety of options for any number of applications. The collection includes two dual-tweeter models producing stereo from a single speaker, a perfect solution for hallways, bathrooms and walk-in closets.


Outdoor Audio

A different shape and a different attitude, the landscape speakers in the Seasons Collection are designed to be mounted just about anywhere. They will project incredible sound from exterior walls, under eaves, on pillars and architectural elements or even freestanding on exterior furniture. These speakers are made from tough and durable injection molded ABS plastic that has been shaped into acoustically tuned cabinets to compliment the hand-selected drivers.


Marquee Collection

We took the most brilliant, experienced architectural loudspeaker engineers and asked them to design the ultimate home theater system. The Marquee Collection will exceed your expectations in every facet. Available both with both slim on-wall and nearly invisible in-wall configurations, they are easier to install than any other home theater systems in their class. Between the powerful sub-woofer options, the ultra-sensitive custom drivers, and the high-pressure horn-loaded titanium tweeters, there’s an amazing home theater experience waiting for you with the Marquee Collection.


Thinfit Collection

With a mounting depth of only 2.75 inches, speakers in the ThinFit collection meet the unique challenges presented by restrictive above-ceiling areas. Our team is proud to present a loudspeaker with superior sonic performance that installs in limited depth. ThinFit speakers feature a powder-coated steel back can. This built-in enclosure provides complete protection of the loudspeaker’s components, it also reduces sound transfer between rooms by up to 9dB.


Deep Collection

Origin Acoustics loves bass. So, they’ve tried to invent every possible way to add it tastefully to your home. In-ceiling, in-wall, new construction, retrofits, and even standard floor standing, they’ve got a sub for every situation. And like all their speakers, they are covered by Origin Acoustics’ Quality Guarantee.


Explorer Collection

Origin Acoustics’ Explorer Collection offers a musical experience that is unparalleled in premium installations. Due to Origin Acoustics’ dedication to not only sound reproduction but to functionality and aesthetics, there is no better choice for your yacht or water-front property. Our loudspeakers disappear into their surroundings while maintaining a maritime weatherproof seal on your bulkheads and ceilings. Coupled with our DSP amplifiers and expert installation, the Explorer Collection delivers a first-class audio adventure.


Composer Collection

Rather than obstructing the look of accompanying frameless TVs, the Composer Collection complements the room with a modern and slim bezel-less frame. Regardless of form, the fit and finish of Origin speakers are as clean and impressive as their sound quality. Once installed the speakers become a part of the environment where they disappear unless, of course, your pride of ownership moves you to point them out.



A slight departure from traditional architectural loudspeakers, soundbars are a new necessity. Simple to install, our passive soundbars are a massive improvement over your flat panel's internal audio system. Add a floor standing or architectural subwoofer, and you'll be enjoying your television like never before.